I am not the intelligent psychopath ur looking for


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No dishwasher. totally impractical. F that.

are you really that unsatisfied in life where you have to take pictures of yourself getting fingered or just that dumb to post pictures like that with your very identifiable tattoo so that you will never make over minimum wage?


I can almost hear the conversation now. “Jim, I just saw this picture of this girl getting fingered in a car on tumblr, which is weird because I’m a 50-something year old white man in charge of interviewing and hiring for this company and this photo has no connection to her full legal name but anyway— Isn’t that the same tattoo that the girl we just interviewed had? Oh wait. She was wearing interview appropriate attire so I couldn’t see her upper upper thigh. But I mean, still, I’m pretty sure it’s her and fuck that bitch for ever getting fingered let alone having sex at all in her life. What a slut. Make sure the whole company knows to never hire her. Call her back and give her the number to McDonalds.”

Tattoos=minimum wage. Did i accidentally leave tumblr? wats happening?


g r o w u p

lol why


fuk is happening


This is what I want.

a tattooed guy in a knit hat who is being nice to a baby. and there are huggies. yeah, brilliant. ‘that is what [whoever] wants’. thx, tumblr.

she’s still got it

what about— instead of payday loan motherfuckers, payday loan cunts?


i just cant get over this gif

look at simon

he’s so scandalized at first 

but then look that tiny grin he has at the end of the gif

and kieren with his little sass master face

bein all sassy in front of his new boyfriend

theyre so in love already get away from me i cant handle them

so they’re gay and you love the gayness

You’ll pry my Oxford comma from my cold, dead, and lifeless hands.

sure, but only when inclusion of the word and, in a given sentence, adds something to the meaning conveyed.

here, cold, dead, lifeless hands would have worked just as well. so, use a good example next time you want to be self-referential. I mean, kudos on the 37,000 notes, but still.

lol welcome to tumblr

every other corner of tumblr syas “fuck what other people think is offensive”

every other corner of tumblr syas “fuck what other people think is offensive”


straight people are terrifying they can go as far as to give the girl skeleton a pair of bone titties to indicate its a straight relationship

is that how far they can go? ur terrifying. ignore the photo! people will always make representations that offend others. that’s the whole thing about the art of visual representation.

don’t say shit about “straight people this” or “that”. that is exactly what you ought to be fighting against- making broad judgmental statements that lump all people in a group together.

no visitor has ever eaten “utensil food” at his house.


*does drugs but won’t eat white bread*

swallow ‘caucasian’ semen tho?